#16 Home made steel DRILL PRESS stand (diy)

Hi. My name is Darek and in this video I’ll show you how to make Homemade steel DRILL PRESS stand (diy).
For the materials for this project, I went to the local junkyard and bought everything I needed there.
Basically everything is shown in the film, but I have some tips for you. Use one solid profile, not two, just like me. Very carefully, measure the spacing of holes. From the beginning check the angles, so that everything was correct angles.
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Here are some cheap tools that I use and recommend:

https://goo.gl/n3wHdv – LASER ENGRAVER
https://goo.gl/Sh32kh – 90 Degrees Corner Clamp
https://goo.gl/yBn5Ta – 90 Degrees Angle Aluminum Alloy Rectangular Clamp
https://goo.gl/sgS5eg – 2.5 Inch Plat Nose Pliers Aluminum Alloy Vise
https://goo.gl/GXtWTc – Vise Workbench Swivel 360° Rotating Clamp
https://goo.gl/yk56NG – 5Pcs 15-35mm Professional Woodworking Drill Bits Set
https://goo.gl/R8q7z2 – 4-20mm HSS Step Drill Bit
https://goo.gl/9jmNei – 10pcs 16mm-50mm Steel Carbide Hole Saw
https://goo.gl/quNNcU – Tap and Die Set

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