3 handy DIY gadgets – light and power

Welcome to my filter bubble!

Let me show you my interpretation of three DIY gadgets I found on YouTube.
* a very bright and powerful 1000W equivalent portable LED light. Mounted to a CPU cooler.
* a meter to check Volts, Amps, Watts, Power factor and Volt-Ampere
* a 130Watt variable power supply. By combining a conventional power supply, a step up and step down converter and a power meter.

We will have a look at my take on them. And talk a bit about the learnings that I took away while building them.

All of these were first seen by me on the following channels. Please find detailed tutorials on how to build them in the linked videos:

Portable Light by DIY Perks:

Power meter by AvE:

Variable power supply by GreatScott!:

Have fun