Colorful LED Tower Display Rhythm Lamp Light with Remote Control Electronic DIY Kits

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LED Tower is imitated from Guangzhou Tower. Guangzhou Tower, also known as Guangzhou new TV tower, nickname Xiaoman Yao.
It is the tallest building in Guangzhou, the design of the tower is very characteristic, especially in the night under the lighting decoration, it is beautiful.
Now it becomes a landmark in Guangzhou. We combined with the single-chip micro-chip display technology, we can make the beauty of the Guangzhou Tower.
We use STC12C5A60S2 as a control system, the display part is 16*16 dot matrix display, through the production of the Guangzhou Tower,
can better enhance the microcontroller on the principle of dot matrix display.

1. PCB size:78*78mm
2. Tower size:90*78*450mm(Different people installed, the height will be slightly different)
3. Power:DC 5V
4. Installation method: DIY Soldering assembly
5. Light Color: Colorful

1. 16 * 16 led lattice design
2. A variety of modes can be freely converted:
—Offline animation mode(More than a dozen)
—-Music spectrum mode(Flash with music)
3. Plug-in components used to make high success rate
4. Give some code(The default code inside the chip, the function is more abundant, so please do not update the code inside arbitrarily)
5. USB power audio line