DIY Image Transfers on Canvas Wood Glass Metal How much do you know about transfers? They’re a lot easier than you know. I’ll show you how to transfer onto metal, transfer onto wood, transfer onto Glass and canvas. You can use decoupage glue but I have found that a gloss gel medium works better. I’ll show you how to transfer over chalk paint and over bare wood or transfer over bare glass. That’s a very sheer transfer which can come in handy when you want to make pretty votives. I have an older video on youtube titled DIY Sheer transfers. The real candles and the electric candles look so charming when they shine through these. You may wonder why do transfers at all. Why not just do decoupage? Here’s the main reason. You can use your own artwork or you can use your own family photos and they will appear to have been painted onto your surface. You can take that special picture you have of your child or pet, or that special day on the beach with your family, and make a laser copy of it.