DIY Outdoor Light Fixture / Waltz of the Wind

I included some music for all my musician friends but this is more of a how-to video. I had been looking for some outdoor lights for my house. My requirements were that I wanted subdued outdoor lighting and I needed a fixture that could withstand the corrosive salt air of the coast. After searching without success, I designed and built my own using mostly recycled scraps I had in my garage. They turned out so well I thought I’d share my design. Maybe some of my neighbors with bright, view spoiling lights will run out and build their own.

Here is the entire materials list for one wall light:

One piece of wood 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 1.5″ I used redwood.
Two small pieces of copper flashing. One 4.75″x6″ the other a bit smaller. I used scraps from when we got copper rain gutters.
One socket with pigtails and lock ring. Sun Lite E136279
One night light bulb. 7w or 15w
A piece of copper wire about 6″ long. I used 12 gauge wire scrap.
Two brass wood screws for mounting.
Solder to make the shade and some wood sealer to finish the backplate.

The advantage of the design is that no fasteners are used other than the two brass mounting screws. Fasteners are a problem here on the coast. So there are no screws to freeze up when you have to change a bulb. If the socket gets corroded and worn out it is easy and inexpensive to replace with no tools. Just unscrew the lock ring and replace. This fixture might last a very long time. Total cost is well under $5.00. I used power tools but this can all be done with hand tools.

I think the video will be easy to follow. Questions? Just ask.

The soundtrack is Well Perked playing Waltz of the Wind. Recorded 2009. I tried to come up with something that had something to do with the light. There’s a tune called Shoot Out The Lights that came to mind but I’ve never learned it. Waltz of the Wind is so pretty. It puts you out there at night under the stars. And you’ll be hoping that the lights nearby are like these!! Betty and I are on guitars and Michael is playing uke.