DIY X-Carve build for $170 | CNC | Part 1

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There’s nothing more greater feeling than to owning your own CNC machine for your prototyping needs. But CNC machines can be super expensive for a school/college student as i am, the only next best option is for you to make your own CNC machine with recycled part like stepper motors from old industrial Xerox printers and using simple rotary bearings as the axis sliding mechanism. Here I have done exactly that. I got the inspiration from the popular CNC company called X-carve from inventables.

took few months to build it.
its way cheaper than X-Carve.
the whole build cost around $170
any doubt about the building process comment down below.

to see the CNC in action watch the part 2

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to see the CNC dust collection enclosure

to see waste board flatting of this cnc

if someone want more information about this build, i have written a report and logbook for the whole build process.

if someone want it all u have to do is to share my youtube channel ( link on your Facebook and sent that post to my email ( and i will sent you.

hope i am not asking much.

this way you will help me grow my channel and i will also help you back in your cnc build.

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