Electronic Mouse / Rat Trap Executioner

DIY electronic mouse or rat killer made from pieces parts I found in the garage. It is still in the developmental stage to add a motion sensor to activate and deactivate. Please be patient for an up coming video of completion or buggy mishaps and hopefully a video of execution.

Update… for those that want to see this in realtime … I have no mice or rats to kill. I have been monitoring this with a camera but no activity. … build it, it will work.

Key components….
Search on ebay for ….

1. Voltage Generator

2.18650 Battery

3. 18650 Battery holder


4. Common light switch

5. The floor grid is 1/4 inch fencing

6. 18/2 lamp cord

7. 1/2 inch plastic pipe

8. 3 inch multi purpose screws

9. Hot Glue