How to make running light led chaser using 4017+555(DIY)

Hello everyone,In this video I will show you how you can make your own led chaser using some easy components.This is very easy & interesting & your kids are love it.So make it at your home in this new year.

In this circuit we will use 4017 decade counter & 555 timer ic.The ic 555 is use in astable multivibrator mode.The output pulses of 555 can be controlled by the 100k pot of ic 555.The output pin of 555 is connected to the 14th pin of the ic 4017, which is the clock input of 4017.Basically the 4017 is a decade(10) counter but here we use only 8 counter & the counter 9 will be reset.Hence we can get 8 output from the 4017.

The ckt is very easy to make,only a few componenets are required

Components list:-(affiliate link present beside the components, you can buy the products directly by using the following link)

1.Red,Green,Blue,White or any colour of led according to your choice(Here I am using 1 watt RGBW led)(
2.100k pot+Potentiometer knob
3. 4017 ic(
4. ic 555
5. 1 uf capacitor
6. 10k resistor
7. usb cable or you can use any 5v supply,you can use your computer or laptop usb port for power supply
8. small pcb for soldering
9. ic base 8pin,16pin (optional)
10. connecting wire
11. old cd
12 .bottle caps
13.some time

Make it yourself

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