How To: Remove oxidation from car paint.

Restore your cars paint to near it’s original state with a buffer (Polishing), compound, and sand paper. Restore burn, oxidized, worn paint,

Cheaper than painting it, without having to wait to get it back from the auto body shop. It won’t change the color of your cars paint, and it will make it have a mirror like finish!

Tools & Materials:
Compound (Rated to remove gits greater than 1500)
Sandpaper 1500 (2000 if your oxidation is very minimal)

Warning: Please make sure that the surface of the vehicle is cool. A warm surface can cause flashing of the buffing compound and leave a bad finish.

ProTip: Using a spray bottle to spray a small mist of water will make the finish look better and stop flashing completely.

The buffer/polisher I used in this video was 50$ and worth the price. It has lasted me a while. There was a 30$ one but it had a few negative reviews. I know my videos are usually cheap DIY’s but this one was worth it because I love my older civic but it just isn’t worth the money to get it painted. I’m sure that i’m not the only one in this situation…

These videos are for DIY-ers. They are not intended to have professional results. They are intended to have similar effects, at a much cheaper price, and without purchasing expensive professional tools.

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