Leg Vise Restoration

Restored this leg vise to mount on the tool stand I made last week for my blacksmithing setup.
It will stay outside near my coke forge, so I used rust converter on all surface to hopefully prevent rust, I’m not sure how it will hod up because I never tried rust converter before. We will see!
This leg vise must be very very old, and has been fixed by previous owners pretty much everywhere, it must have seen a lot of abuse.
I wasn’t able to find any information about the maker (there is an “L” stamped on the front) but I guess it can have 100 year pretty easily.
Overall I’m very happy with how it turned out, it has been a lot of work to make it decent again but I think is totally worth it, especially because I had a great deal on it: found it on advertisement site for only 25€ !

I hope you enjoyed this video 🙂 If so let me know with a like!

Thank you!

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