Selfmade Car License Plate LED Lights DIY

DIY selfmade led light Car License Plate LED Lights Cool White 6000K – 6500K License Plate LED Lights Install Make a T10 LED Bulbs Plexiglass and Wire 12V MMD LED Car. cool white license plate bulbs How to fix t10 car license plate led lights bulbs install license light T10 LED Cool White Bulbs 12V MMD LED Car vw golf Cara membuat lampu LED mobil How to make a led license plate light with plexiglass for old car bulbs How to replace license plate lights Vw Golf 2 / Jetta 2 how to fix your license plate light bulbs car led parts car led lamp car led lighting license plate led light

Cara membuat LED kendaraan

cara membuat lampu led mobil

LED White 3mm 12000 mcd 20 ° 20 mA 3.3 V

LED Weiß Rund 3 mm 12000 mcd 20 ° 20 mA 3.3 V

Most golf 2 have not leds license plate the t10 led that is available do not give good lighting the light shines not on the license plate but on the ground.

This tutorial will helps you to get your license plate with good lights. Vw Drivers Just Do It

Car Bulbs P21 vs 6 SMD LED Light BA15S Reverse Backup Lights 12V ไฟled

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install license plate lights T10 Bulbs License Lights Mod DIY install volkswagen led exterior led license plate light Vw Golf 2 u9, 1.3, 1.6, 1.8 ,Vr6 , G60, Gti, CL , A2 Vw Jetta Mk2 DIY T10 LED Bulb Wire a LED 12V DIY Channel Tutorial. Volkswagen led exterior Vw Golf 2 Jetta Mk2 VW DIY Channel Make a LED Car Light T10 LED Bulb 12v. how to wire leds in car 12v light, how to make an led lights t10 build a led T10 car light how to make your own car led I use 2mm plexiglass plate with 6 x 3mm led 12000 mcd white light 2 x resistor 330 ohm, how to connect led in serie tutorial 12 volt, make an led light modified car lights
I make this for my vw golf 2 car license plate, I don’t like the led t10 bulbs T10 LED 電球
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วิธีต่อไฟ led รถยนต์
ไฟ led รถยนต์ Make a LED, how to wire a led in car, Car interior wire single leds light, how to make an led 12v light, Car Inner lights, wire a led in car , make a led 12 volt วิธีการทำ ไฟรถ car interior led lights LEDs วิธีการทำ ไฟ led interiors cars led light diy Fantasy light รถ ไฟ led car フォルクスワーゲン ゴルフ Led Tutorial explanation video วิธีการทำ รถ ไฟ led car leds Plexiglass led edge lit tips and tricks to create LED light diy do it yourself How to make car light led edge acrylic glass plexi cutting how to make small plexiglass window, How to get more led install car leds clear plexi drilling in plexiglass edge led light for make in fiberglass, crossover windows nice and clean, small car light plexiglass windows, plexiglass filing, plexiglass sanding, plexiglass sawing, Hacksaw working plexiglass lighting, plexiglass led, how to shape plastic edges, how to shape plexiglass, plexiglass led maker, led glass maker, Simply Hobby Channel Thanks For Watching.

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LED White 3mm 12000 mcd 20 ° 20 mA 3.3 V

LED Weiß Rund 3 mm 12000 mcd 20 ° 20 mA 3.3 V

how to wire multiple led’s in a series circuit
make a led burning
simpel led driver 12v – 14v resistors
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auto license plate light bulbs

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