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Art from Scrap Wood and Dowels

Continuing with my exploration of exposing strips of wood buried within another wood, I wanted it to appear like this was a solid slab with holes made in it exposing the dowels within. Of course you can’t actually make it like that, so hopefully the viewer of the completed piece has to wonder a little about how the dowels got in there.

My first thought was to work with a big solid slab and resaw it apart, kind of like a bandsaw box. This would have limited me to the capacity of the bandsaw and I have lots of scrap wood which I could assemble into as large of a slab as I want.

I skipped over gluing the scrap wood into the panels as this is something I’ve shown before and frankly I’m a little tired of seeing wood go through the jointer and planer at the start of every woodworking video.

Wind sound effect by Mark DiAngelo

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