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ASMR Wood Carving For One Hour

Wood Carving is a great ASMR trigger (Autonomous sensory meridian response) but also a relaxing and fun project of course. In this video I carve a heart shaped wooden bowl with a chisel in real time, from start to finish.

I did not have any fancy tools, just cheap chisels. I’m not a skilled carver but I’m really happy with the results (I actually made two). Anyone can do this. I also charred the bowl with a blow torch and brushed it with a wire brush. It made a great smooth finish and turned out suprisingly beautiful with the grain popping like crazy.

If you are a wood carver I would appreciate tips on tools and techniques because I really enjoy this.

This video is not intended as a how-to-video but rather a relaxing “background” asmr video but hopefully you can learn something and maybe get some inspiration to make your own bowls. The video is in real time and I only edited out the part where I cut the outside shape with a bandsaw (A coping saw would worked just as fine but I don’t have one) There are no high or uncomfortable sounds so just sit back, relax and enjoy. If you just want to see the process please fast forward to your liking.

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