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Bushcraft Camp – Destroying Structures ready for Wood Roof Shelter Build

I head to my bushcraft camp in the woods to destroy some structures and make space for the big wood roof build which will be in Bushcraft Camp Update 15. Building the roof is a big project, so it will need time to plan for resources. First I will need to build a log frame, and then thinking about roofing materials. In this video I decided to destroy the dog house and small log store inside the camp. It was taking up too much space inside. I also aim to take down the tiki kitchen which was built in Camp Update 12. This will give me more space to work with when building the roof. The super shelter lean-to is still going strong and is now my primary sleeping area. The small lean-to is a little too small, but I have still done an overnight or two in it and it works fine. It’s completely dry under the tarp and moss so I can store any leftover timber in here.
I would like to take down a few perimeter walls to allow more air flow into the fire pit of the camp. So despite taking down a few structures, the bushcraft camp will still have: Hunting Tower with Ladder, Primary Lean to shelter, secondary lean to shelter, a fire pit, wood saw horse, log chopping area and a few perimeter walls. It’s been a great adventure so far with many lessons learned along the way, I hope you guys enjoy this one and be sure to subscribe and hit the bell notification to get notified when I next upload! Cheers – Mike

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