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Damascus Mallet from plastic bottles

In this video I’ll show how I turn a bunch of plastic bottles into a Damascus pattern head HDPE carver’s mallet to be used with my hand tools. It’s a great opportunity for upcycling this type of plastic that we all have around. Processing HDPE is really tedious but the result deserves it. Besides, this material will last you more than any other wooden mallet head. In all previous videos about melting HDPE only show one way, using a kitchen or portable furnace. At this time I was likely to experiment using a tool that is present in most of the workshops: a heat gun. I may take a little longer, but It’s easier to prevent damage to the plastic. During this video I also show how to repair small voids or defects. Also, I hope you enjoy this project. Leave your comments and questions. I’ll be pleased to answer all of them.

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