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How to Build a Mini Wooden Boat – Wooden Strip Hull on the plywood boat #16

I show you the next phases in how to build a mini wooden boat #16 – Electric Powered – Making the hull with plywood strips. In today’s video I show you how to build a wooden boat, I continue to add wood strips to the hull and boat frames from stem to stern, using gorilla glue and nails to hold everything in place till it dries. This wooden boat will be waterproofed. Typically a wooden boat, cedar strip canoe style of building a wood boat, but I decided to use this technique to create the very unique hull design I have came up with. With just a couple of months now, until I take this boat from New Jersey all across the USA to Seattle Washington, on a huge small wooden boat tour, meeting my subscribers as I go. And of course as most of you now know, at the end of this journey, I will be giving the boat away to one of my lucky subscribers. So make sure to like all the videos own the series to be entered to win.

This wooden boat is my very first boat build project ever. I have made plenty of small mistakes, but nothing bad that cannot be overcome. I am using many boatbuilding methods, to make this craft, which will be powered by a powerful electric trawling motor. I have used plywood sheets, and now am using plywood strips to create build the hull on it’s frames, typically used for much larger boats. I will soon be fiberglassing the outer hull and covering with epoxy to make waterproof. I will also need to make a small pool shortly too, to see how she sits in water without the batteries and motor and myself added. One thing for sure, is that the boat will be seaworthy and water tight, by the time aI am done.

My dad introduced me to the art of wooden boatbuilding when I was young. He created his large scale model boats, ships, lifeboats and tugs on the kitchen or dinner tables of our life, often using marine ply. My love for old wooden boats took shape in the form of old galleons that I would sculpt from clay or carve from balsa wood on the dinner table between meals.
This “How to Build a Wooden Boat” series of videos have been an absolute pleasure to create. I’ll be sad when I batten down the last of the parts and fiberglass and epoxy the craft to be seaworthy (or at least river and lake worthy) To be out on the stillness of the waters and have my drone hovering by me as I cruise on by. What an amazing year this is going to be, traveling across the USA. Meeting some of you along the journey and possibly taking our wooden boats out on the water together.

And before any of this can happen, I still need to take my boating license tests and get any licenses required to make it all legal.
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