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How to build a wooden base for a shed

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This video guide will provide you with an invaluable reference for building a wooden base for your garden sheds. Please visit http://www.shedstore.co.uk/installation-guides for more information and a written description of this guide.

Generally, people don’t think about creating a flat base for there new shed. But, if you don’t do this then there is the possibility of shed warping and damage.

At Shedstore, we highly recommend that of you buy a shed you shoudl also buy the a timber base kit. These are easy to assemble when compared to concrete hard-standing plus you don’t need to wait for them to dry.

This is what you will need to build your base kit:

– All the instructions
– A hammer
– Drill and bits
– Lump hammer
– Step ladders
– Craft knife
– A spirit level
– Tape measure