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How to Build a Wooden Boat 18 Plus Viewers Wood Boats & Mavic Pro Drone

I have listed many of the tools and products I’ve used in the video series here: http://a.co/aUOPxJ3I show you how to build a wooden boat, using products from Home Depot, plus my subscriber’s wooden boats, and show off my new DJI Mavic Pro Drone with Camera, which I purchased to record myself as I ride across lakes and rivers on my epic journey across the USA, in a couple of months. Capturing 4K video in all it’s glory of the amazing sites and sounds that I will encounter on this trip of a lifetime, meeting my subscribers and my influencers of this build. I show you how I begin to clean up the inside of the frames on the boat. Removing excess gorilla glue before the sanding phase. I have yet to complete the concave shape along the hall on the starboard side faring. I lift the boat off of the boat making table, clean everything off and get some beautiful views in and around the small plywood boat.

I show you some of my subscriber woodworking skills and their plywood and even paper boats in this video, like Don Young and his canoe (which isn’t plywood) , Mark and his collection of hand made paper ships, also Dan Adams small plywood boat creation, along with American Boathead and with many more to come. Look out for next weeks video with more subscriber’s boats, like fireman Jim and his small plywood boat that he made from scratch.

If there is one thing that all of these individuals can teach us, is that you do not need experience to begin making your own small wooden boat. To begin enjoying the pleasures of the Walter and nature and independence. These boats range from 100 bucks to thousands of dollars (like mine) though I am counting time spent. I think currently my boat costs in the region all $800 in roll parts so far, this includes boat batteries, two part epoxy and wood flour, tools that I had to purchase prior to making the boat. Plywood, Pine, popular, screws and other miscellaneous hardware. I think I have about another five to $700 to spend yet. Marine grade Epoxy, fiberglass and tools being the most expensive part of this build to date. Some of those details and video number 19, coming next week for the general public.

For the longest time I have wanted a drone with camera to film from various angles and perspectives. Filming and photography has always been my thing, sine the age of 15. So for me to finally get my hands on the Mavic Pro Drone, is incredible.

Don’t forget, you can see all of my videos as they are released, one week early on Patreon.com, where my financial supporters help me build and create this wooden boats from scratch until it is completed. Come join the growing list of supporters, and help me show the world how we can build our dreams into reality.

1. Intro: What today’s video is about: 0:00
2. Products I bought from Amazon for the build: 0:50
3. Fixing the damaged fairing: 01:28
4. Working on the boat 02:38
5. Various views of the boat 04:45
6. Working inside the boat, cleaning frames 07:26
7. My subscribers boats 15:10
8. Showing off my DJI Mavic Pro Drone 18:05
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