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How To Build & Lay Timber Decking

A simple step-by-step guide to lay decking in your garden this Spring. DIY expert, Craig Phillips, shows you how to expertly build your deck project. This decking tool can be used to build many decking ideas.

Brick Line – https://goo.gl/Bux9TD
Portable Workbench – https://goo.gl/u8CCVt
Measuring Tape – https://goo.gl/51j8wu
Shovel – https://goo.gl/gjohqz
Circular Saw – https://goo.gl/S4wmr1
Drill Driver – https://goo.gl/fCCcjp
Combi Hammer Drill – https://goo.gl/RMc1r8
Tri-Cut Saw – https://goo.gl/vbZxdd
Jigsaw – https://goo.gl/Q7Dq4S
Quick Clamp – https://goo.gl/5CHpGY


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