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Planet Coaster College – Wooden Coaster Tutorial

Welcome to the first Planet Coaster College video! Planet Coaster College is a series in which I’ll be explaining the ins and outs of making parks and rides in Planet Coaster – we’ll delve into coaster building, creating scenery, making buildings, laying out parks, and using various tools in the game. These videos are not so much step-by-step documentations for absolute beginners on how to build stuff, but more of a look into the building process, giving some guidelines and ideas to build your own parks.

In this tutorial I’m taking you throught the process of making a classic wooden coaster: things to pay attention to when building one, elements that you can use, and – sorry, I couldn’t help myself – some coaster nerd rants about real life woodie trivia.

Special thanks to Dejoowie for the idea to incorporate the Planet Coaster planet in the logo. It works so well!
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About Planet Coaster College: PCC is a series of video guides in which I cover many aspects of making realistic and creative parks in Planet Coaster. One of my goals with the series is to make a video explaining each of the coaster types avaliable and show you how to build them, but there will also be some videos about elements of theme parks and the game in general, such as buildings and scenery. Overall, the series is directed toward already seasoned players of the games, though I do sprinkle tips that may be useful for beginners too.