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Wood Art for Large Walls – Giant Wooden Tree

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I found the image of the beautiful tree online back in 2011 and just saved it all these years, so I’m not sure who to give the credit to for drawing it. UPDATE: Somebody was able to locate the original artist of the tree! Here is her blog: http://www.klbaileyart.com/2010/08/16/early-birds/

Big thank you to Nicki Morgan for taking the photo in the thumbnail! Check out her blog here: Morgans2day.blogspot.com

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Things I used in this project:
Jigsaw: http://goo.gl/Uydwsm
Jigsaw Blade: http://goo.gl/WzmW10
Sawhorses: http://goo.gl/D7mn2V
SuperJaws: http://goo.gl/nKCyXK
Spindle Sander: http://goo.gl/DkFDNQ
Brush: http://goo.gl/IaU3TE
Loctite Adhesive: http://goo.gl/rlCnlz
Brad Nailer: http://goo.gl/daJ5zY
Portable Air Compressor: http://goo.gl/85N8Nd
Stain Color: http://goo.gl/yLX0fR
Clear Coat: http://goo.gl/SvK4Ug