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Woodturning an Exotic Wood Platter

Colorful square woodturning! In this week’s video, I use five different naturally colored woods from South and Central America. The wood is cut to size on the table saw, re-sawn for thickness on the band saw, and then laminated together before being mounted to the lathe. This video, and my channel is not just about wood turning, though that is a passion of mine. I want to show you more than that. The making, or building first, and then the shaping on the lathe.
The woods used are: Jatoba, Yellowheart, Bloodwood, Padauk, and Purpleheart.

Congrats to the winner of the Rosewood Bowl Giveaway!!! You’ll find the announcement starting at the 11:25 mark if you’re in a hurry…but why not stick around for this make, while you’re here 😊

IMPORTANT!!! To the winner of the bowl: Please contact me!! You have no contact information on your YouTube page. If I don’t hear from you before September 13, 2018, I will pick an alternate winner using the same process.

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